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Gladiator Sandals History

Fashion is being taken over by a new up and coming trend. After reading this you will start to notice them everywhere. From the paparazzi photos to magazines they are there now. Showing up more and more often. Virtually anything beyond your regular sandal that adds in some straps can be consider one of these Gladiator Sandals.

Gladiator SandalsThese sandals have deep roots in history. Worn because they were comfortable, flexible, durable and provide great support over a traditional sandal. In more modern times the styles may have changed but the concepts have not. Who would have thought that attire for a warrior would later set the newest, most popular fashion trend. Men and women of today who wear them probably will not be putting them through any fights killing for the enjoyment of the crowd. That does not stop them from giving you that edge in your look.

The characteristics sought after in a gladiator are that they be bold and extremely aggressive, the same as the trend they are now inspiring. The great strength of the Roman Empire possessed a military which took over huge amounts of foreign territories, and as a result of this path they’ve taken prisoners of war. They would then make them slaves, which were sold to the highest bidder and trained. The very best specimens would be sent to Rome to be trained to fight as gladiators. This also went for all of the criminals that have had their rights as citizenship stripped away from them. There also was another group of gladiators. They performed for the money, glory and popularity. This is all much the same as our modern athletes like wrestlers etc They will be taken off to Gladiatorial training schools and academy’s. Having a bulky body was a very common trait and one they would strive for. The larger mass would help to shield their internal organs which would likely be spilling out at some point. On a few periods of rule even women were allowed to fight. This was originally brought into light by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus. His rule was from 193 to 211 CE. It was approximately 200CE that the female gladiators were no longer able to engage in the arena.

If you happened to be a gladiator at these times in history, you could expect to make it in life to be about twenty-seven years old. If you were an extraordinary combatant you may make it to thirty. On average one of the gladiators would fight for about three times during the course of a year. Most of the matches would take about ten to fifteen minutes in duration. Honor and glory was awarded to those who would fight well, even if you did not win. The lucky few who made it about three or five years

Dressed to kill, the average life span of a gladiator is 27 years and exceptional ones live past 30 years. A typical gladiator fights three times a year and each would last about 10-15 minutes. Only a lucky few survive more than 10 games. Even if each game is their last; they can still taste glory and be heroes for a fight well done. Freedom is even granted for those who can survive for 3 to 5 years of the games you would likely earn your freedom. Which after a stint of all the slave life, would be a huge blessing and caused them to fight viciously.

The first recorded Gladiator match up was to be for a funeral that took place in 274 BCE. This event was orchestrated by Marcus and Decimus who were wanting to honor their deceased dad, Junius Brutus. This custom carried on for five years in remembrance of the life of Junius.

As the level of popularity of sport of Gladiators increased, far more earnings can be attained by the instructors and masters. A tactic of the politicians would be to sponsor some games with the plan of getting increased popularity and support by the voting public. And popularity they got, the public’s love for the game was absolute, much like football today. Romans participated and paid out excessively to maintain this ferocious activity at its optimum levels. For around 700 years, this sport had filled stadiums. It also become the most recognized symbol of historical Roman culture.

Today, we may not reason with the Roman’s lust for blood but amidst the overwhelming gladiatorial combat, they have instilled a rich heritage that is worthy to be treasured and celebrated. Gladiator sandals are just one of those symbols reminding us that values depicted by gladiators such as courage and strength never goes out of style.

In the current age, we do things a little different. However, they left behind one of my most favorite footwear fashions, obviously. As a symbol to let us not forget the rich and vivid history of the Romans, Gladiator Sandals define strength and power which will never go out of style and fashion.


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